Monday, April 20, 2009

Lily Allen interview on ROVE (Australia)

This is just a great video touching briefly on social media in an interview with one independent-minded artist who is the new epitome of strong will. Lily chats about facebook, myspace, and twittering so nonchalantly yet at the same time matter-of-fact. You got to love how willing she is to share her life, rants, and everyday musings with average Joe Blow from AnyWhere USA or EU for that matter.

This is one artist who doesn't seem to be fazed by all the glitz and glamor of money, stardom, and fame. That's one thing I love about the British- they are so sensible about the silly things that shock and awe most of us. In a way, this reminds me of my friend MelB from the Spice Girls. Melanie and Lily are both artists with girl staying power that encaptures you long after exiting the scene- whether music tour, talk show, dancing with stars, or photo shoot. Female British pop sensations just seem to have that extra something- je ne sais quoi!

Now I'm not saying US artists don't have it- we have our share of Britneys and Mileys. Just the 'it' factor is a slightly different one- maybe not any greater or worse- just different. The British have that extra little advantage of never-ending confidence and winner-takes-all attitude that's infectious.

You can call me crazy, but I think it's sexy. And not incredibly, millions of fans agree.


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gray Wolf Off Fed Protect List!

Gray Wolf: beautiful animal! It seems like the whole reintroduction project just began. Now they are delisting them from Federal Endangered Species Protection. What's next?

"Gray wolves are now scheduled to lose federal endangered species protection next month. The decision to remove gray wolves from the federal endangered species list.. is one step closer to taking effect after being published in the Federal Register last week. Delisting transfers the duties of wolf population management from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to state and tribal agencies." -Posted by LATimes on April 7, 2009

I just hope we don't find them trained in the crosshairs of hunters trying to make a buck off the fur. I understand a ranchers right to protect his land/herd- within natural logic and reason- but this move might put a price on the gray wolf's pelt.

Proponents of this environmental move say this will help manage the wolf population and defuse anger and animosity over the reintroduction of the wolf into the continental US. Naysayers of this change in wolf status argue their point that survival for this animal remains at a critical stage and could undermine the 'wolf reintro project' back to it's natural habitat.

Is there a happy medium for both ranchers and the wolf? Maybe land owners this time can find a balance with nature, only taking action with regard for our footprint on mother earth!

Aren't we here to observe and protect nature? Just a thought..


Original Story: LATimes

photo1: gray wolf at Wildlife Science Cntr in Forest Lake, MN
credit1: DawnVillella/AP
photo2: Husky 'Stormy'
credit2: MikeNevi

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Music Biz Contracts 101: NOT

WARNING: ZERO support for 101 Music Biz Contracts!

This space was originally dedicated to Ty Cohen and music business information product line- which AudioK9 no longer endorses due to lack of support and zero conversion rates for affiliates. Many apologies to anyone who bought Ty Cohen/ Platinum Millenium music biz products and received less than stellar service!

products listed below:

Ty Cohen and Platinum Millennium

101 Music Business Contracts

Platinum Millennium Affiliate Program

EZ Record Deal

7 Golden Secrets To Music Industry Success

MySpace Magic Manuscript

Sell Music Online Like Cr@zy!

The Ultimate Record Label

Ultimate Music Industry Power-Pack!

Thanks and buyer beware- 1ton of BS out there!


New Entertainment Industry info coming soon..
courtesy AudioK9 ©2009

*Legal disclaimer: for legal purposes of terms used in the AudioK9 blog, the word 'BS' = business solutions!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

HLWD: Black Holes on Earth!

ET puts a great spin on the awesome jaw-dropping stories of Hollywood Blvd blockbusters and Vine Street cd releases. Yet we all secretly know the entertainment capitol of the world can be a black hole of youth-driven deep vacuous space sucking the life out of anything that comes near it. Enter the Twilight Zone!

It's not just the stereotypical WallStreet investors bankrolling films or the ultra rich power elite running the music biz- it's any Joe blow coming off the backwoods of Main Street USA. Turn a camera on a redneck straight from the country or a college grad with fresh acting lessons, and either way you get the same result- fun at first but then the ego kicks in and it's caviar and Cristal. It's arguably high quality entertainment from the streets of scripted reality. At what cost? Scientists now think it evacuates the spirit and kills the nature of anyone crossing it's path. Take a typical kid off the street and throw him into a million dollar recording contract with a killer new indie label cutting some fresh tracks and touring the world, only to fall into the gravitational pull of the trap we call LA metro and succumbing to the mass-media induced coma of selective amnesia, forgetting who he is or what got him to CaLi in the 1st place.

Like a global killing asteroid passing the threshold of a super massive black hole, it loses direction and filters down into that space-time wormhole of entertainment lights and fame transforming into a new comic book character anti-superhero jerk who instantly has no time for anyone or anything- strike the occasional real estate agent offering views of beachfront condos in Malibu.

So if you're streaking across the black deep space of the highways of entertainment, watch out for the pitfalls and avoid the alleyways of the biz- take the high road of self-consciousness. Pinch yourself into the here and now- developing an awareness of universal reality of the spirit of your surroundings. Then stay true to course and the human spirit. You never know, that PA you snub might just direct your next film or hire you on your next big music project.

Hollywood often imitates a constantly warping spacial trap! And if you don't watch, it can draw you into an inescapable wormhole- wherein lies a parallel universe with an alternate reality awaiting. Muahaha!

Other than that- it's a great location to:
1 shoot a film
2 record an album
3 learn to surf..



Picture credit 1google search
Picture credit 2wikpedia black hole article
Theory of Relativity Info courtesy Hakuna Matata

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Tip: 10 music-demo steps

Hmmmm.. so you want to make your first demo? Maybe you play guitar in a garage band and would kill to get a gig at a local club or rockin brewhaus on Main Street USA.

Only thing is you don’t exactly know how to do it, what to do, and how much it will cost. Check it out..

10 music-demo steps!

1 jam it!
2 find 3 or 4 fav songs
3 locate a producer
4 nail down a project budget
5 search for a studio
6 block out recording schedule
7 track/mix/master
8 cd art
9 dup it!
10 pass it out! and get gigs..

No one single method in the music industry is the “Holy Grail” path to making it, but find what works for you in your scene and go with your instinct.

Check out digi-pro101/DEMO for details/tips!

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Rock Band- 10 steps to start 1

Rock Band- 10 steps to start a band!

Cool, rock it out! Now all you have to figure out is how to get to there from here- catch22! Well young Einstein, maybe you can begin your superstar journey by hooking up your own garage band to see if you hide any talent in that end of town.

Go underground in your mom’s basement, find some friends who love to jam the same tunes on their iPod, and brainstorm! Trust me- the Jedi force in you will figure it out.

1 find musicians- w/goals 'IN SYNC' to your own!
2 pool your audio gear
3 locate a rehearsal spot! garage/basement/underground..
4 grind out a music niche and NAME the band!
5 audio101- geek squad the audio cave!
6 jam it! pick+3or4 songs
7 have fun! invite friends to listen for 2nd ear
8 hire manager and score 1st gig
9 go online! start a myspace band page
10 make a demo

For the full story and Tips..
go2> digi-pro101/rockband

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Guide: Top 25+ Clubs in USA!

Top 25+ Clubs in USA!

Music Industry Links guide to Top25+ Clubs on good ole Mainstreet USA! If you love a rock 'n roll out on the road nightlife and live for the music entertainment lifestyle- then check out this indie music directory..

Top25 USA Clubs:

KNITTING FACTORY NY 74 Leonard Street NY 10013
BOWERY BALLROOM 6 Delancey St NY 10002
THE WARSAW 261 Driggs Av BROOKLYN NY 11222
PARADISE ROCK CLUB 967 Commonwealth BOSTON, MA 02115
FILLMORE NY 17 Irving Place NEW YORK, NY 10003

WHISKY 8901 Sunset Blvd WEST HLWD, CA 90069
KNITTING FACTORY HLWD 7021 Hollywood Blvd LA 90028
KEY CLUB 9039 W Sunset Blvd WHLWD, CA 90069
THE ROXY 9009 W Sunset Blvd WEST HLWD, CA 90069
VIPER ROOM 8852 W Sunset Blvd WHLWD, CA 90069
TROUBADOUR 9081 Santa Monica Blvd WHLWD, CA 90069
CASBAH 2501 Kettner Blvd SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

BOGART'S 2621 Vine Street CINCINNATI OH 45219


MAGIC STICK 4120-4140 Woodward Av DETROIT, MI
PEARL ROOM 19081 Old LaGrange Rd MOKENA, IL 60448

SHOWBOX Market 1426 1st Ave/ SEATTLE, WA 98101
SHOWBOX SoDo 1700 1st Ave S/ SEATTLE, WA 98134

STUBB'S BBQ 801 Red River AUSTIN, TX 78701
EMO'S 603 Red River/ AUSTIN, TX 78701
TREES Elm Street/ Deep Ellum District DALLAS, TX
RIDGLEA THEATER 6025 Camp Bowie Blvd FORT WORTH, TX 76116

RED ROCKS 18300 West Alameda Pkwy MORRISON, CO 80465

That's it.. Top25!

indie audio engr

To see list details, go2..
Digi-Pro101 Top 25+ Clubs in USA!
copyright©2009 digi-pro101

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Lookout: music industry scams!

Although I'm amazed at the amount of scams going around the music industry- it's not surprising. Why? The simple fact that the economy is wreaking havoc on the good ole American way of life and people have become desperate to make money! Sad thing is- think we now prey on each other.

Dignity's out the window and a 'survival of the fittest' mindset has taken over in many areas of the USA. Hopefully with the new administration tackling the tough issues in DC, the economy will turn and soon it'll be business as usual. Til then watch your 6, and avoid the scams! Trust me- I know- still trying to recover from a $1600 loss in an online loan scam. [PSA: 'scam' link is warning. DO NOT apply 4loan!]

I've always been on the 'tech end' of music, yet actively researching the business side- starting an indie label soon using a new business Record Label Package guide! More blogs to come as that dream turns reality.


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