Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tool - Ænima [uncut version - hq - fullscreen]

Kudos TooL for writing this incredible song and making this creative video. Even though the lyrics don't necessarily represent the present day opinions of Maynard [lead singer].. after years of self-actualization and growth, it still gives the rest of us an outlet or rant of pre-apocalyptic musings for the rest of modern civilization to just edge off a cliff while mother nature starts cleansing the earth and reclaiming it for the other beautiful inhabitants.

The average sleeping sheeples don't comprehend the lyric nor awaken to the warning hidden in it's text. Sleep, sleep while the earthquakes and tidal waves create the Arizona bay. LA hitherto transforms into the new lost city of Atlantis or Lost Angels. Wake up human inhabitants of Earth- before the time has passed and mother nature wipes man from it's shores!

What a way to start off a tech blog.. with my favorite video and an eco-friendly whisper to save resources, recycle, and think green!


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Squad Up! Whose Squad You Takin?

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Squad Up! Whose Squad You Takin?

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audioK9 follow-up:
So the HipHop gang feels the need to squad up! Does this mean hiphop's dead? Or maybe they are just cashing in on their rightful place in music royalty. Either way it looks fun to watch, nevertheless somewhat a desparate move for icons such as JayZ, Eminem, and 50. Come on, don't you guys have enough stardom and hiphop bucks lining your deep pockets.

This new rap warzone going into 2010 kind of makes one snicker though, since metal's on the rise and this whole gangland style rap war just makes room for more rockers to come on the scene and steal the thunder. Get on it metalheads! Go make some fresh rockin' videos and grab some MTV screen time.

This is your chance to snag the spotlight and drown out the canned beats and replace it with real drummers and musicians playing some metal grind we can all sink our teeth into.. vs. drum machine hooks and the new boyband on the block.

The audioK9 says "rock 'n freakin roll" music biz! Stick that in your hitmaker. The stage is set for a new genre to take over. Who's it going to be? The answer just may in the mesa-boogie combo sitting in your basement jamroom!

\m/ Rock oN boys and girls- new revolution in the wind! And you heard it hear first.


Mike aka audioK9

p.s. professional disclaimer» no disrespect to the hiphop community intended - just want to see my boys in the rock world step up and take advantage of the void in the music biz today.. long live entertainment!

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**PHOTOS** 66 Hip-Hop Mugshots

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**PHOTOS** 66 Hip-Hop Mugshots

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audioK9 follow-up»
Mmmmkay so everyone's human, this part we know. But what we don't know is- what were these people thinking? Sometimes it's just funny to take a look at the lighter side of things and lighten up enough to laugh at ourselves once in awhile. And the lads in these pics sure go to great lengths to help the general populace do just that. No poking fun- just a quick laugh on the lighter side of life. Who hasn't had a mugshot hanging up in some PD?

So, with no further ado, check out the shots in the link and see the "who's who" of police fotos» Outcast, Foxy Brown, Konvict, JayZ, TPain, PDiddy, TI, Eminem, The Game, Young Buck, and many more..

And pick out your fav's, and pleeeeease leave a comment or story below. Haha, want to hear those late night horor stories with the PD!

Peace out homedogs!
Mike aka audioK9

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pro Tools: diY 909 Kick!

Beat Producers: Now it's time to roll out the 909, since we hit the 808 kick drum sound in the last tech tip. Here we cover the 909 kick, building one from scratch in Pro Tools! Little history, the original 909 kick drum sound came from a Roland® TR-909 Rhythm Composer drum machine.

This is where the 909 kick gets it's namesake along with other new generation 909 sounds coming from the TR-909. Rumor has it that the infamous 808 kick sound actually started life off as an acoustic wave generated from a "tom" sample and altered through eQ'ing and mixing in low-freq sub-harmonics with the sample in the 50-100 hZ range to come up with the super low sub sound.

ProTools: 909 Kick Drum»

Open a new Pro Tools session,
+add new "kick/fx/master" tracks,
and import or record a new acoustic
kick drum sample into the session..

drag new import kick sample into track..

in the mix window,
buss the kick drum on
"aux-send" to "fx" aux-track
[ie: bus17 in this sess],
insert a signal generator
+gate on the "fx" channel,
and set the buss send from
kick channel to unity gain..

open signal generator plug-in,
and adjust settings on oscillator tone
[example: 90hZ tone @-9dB sine wave]..

gate the kick with normal kick settings
[high ratio comp, fast attack, slow release]
and click "sidechain" to allow
key input from kick track..

hit "play" on transport to hear 909!

naked acoustic kick drum w/eQ»
wow-kix12bar - minddelay

909 kick w/90hZ +boost tone!

In your project studio, open a new Pro Tools® session and manufacture your own 909 kick samples for awesome low-end on any demo/cd. Homemade 909 samples boost the LOW END of any project studio or professional release.

Tip2: to get an original 909 sound, eQ the kick [-drop mids @250-400hZ/ +boost hi's @3-6KhZ] and mix in the signal generator/oscillator boosting the 90-150hZ range, sweeping the freq to find the sweet spot. Adjust the settings to find YOUR sound..

and go kill it w/909!

Mike the audioK9
indie audio engr

For more details on ProTools session signalflow,

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pro Tools: diY 808 Kick!

Music Producers: If you are a fan of the 808 kick drum sound, here's a tech tip on building one from scratch in Pro Tools! The original kick drum sound came from a Roland® TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine.

This might be where the 808 kick gets it's namesake number in addition to the new generation 909 coming from the TR-909. Rumor has it that the infamous kick sound actually started life off as an acoustic wave generated from a "tom" sample and altered through eQ'ing and mixing-in low freq sub-harmonics with the sample in the 50-100 hZ range to come up with the super sub sound.

808 Kick Drum Tip:

open 1 mono audio track for an acoustic kick sample..

import audio acoustic kick drum sample..

select track..

select "region bin" to import audio..

audio file pops up in region bin..

drag kick sample from bin to mono track..

kick sample in track..

open aux "fx" track and insert gate on channel..

open gate and adjust settings for kick drum..

click "sidechain" to key gate from other track..

insert "signal generator" on FX track..

open signal gen and adjust settings to taste
[set frequency to low sub range 50-150 hZ]..

buss kick to fx track through send
[example: bus17 on an aux send]..

kick track

bring aux
send fader
to unity..

signal flow»
= post

"key input" on gate» set to same "buss"
as aux send from kick track
[here it's bus17 input]..

hit "play" on transport and listen to new 808 sound!

adjust settings on signal generator..

match the sound to your kick drum»
play with the sound w/boost @ 100hZ tone +/- 50
experiment here between 50-150hZ frequency range
and make adjustments on the signal generator [oscillator]

check the samples below
1» naked acoustic kick drum and
2» kick w/50 hZ tone +boost

now go mix and have some 808 fun!

Mike the AudioK9
indie audio engr

Naked KiCK drum [acoustic drum only]
NakedKiCK-24barBNC - minddelay

808KiCK [mixed w/50hZ tone]
808KiCK-24barBNC.wav -

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