Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Warp: Metallica!

Time Warp + Metallica= good times!
Time Warp breaks down events into stop motion accuracy with high-speed cameras in a controlled environment. Add in the Metallica effect, and you have 1show with interesting new angles on performance of heavy metal music!

In the video watch the power of Hetfield vocal antics, the speed of Hammett's guitar riffs, mind-bending accuracy of Ulrich on drums, and the bottom-heavy vibrations of bassist Trujillo. Plus+ bonus: Hetfield smashing guitars on frame-by-frame footage as 2electric axes fly apart in cinema madness!

Alrighty K9- shut up then and.. let 'em watch the film shoot! Heavy Metal horns up \m/

Metallica players:
James Hetfield: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kirk Hammett: Lead Guitar
Lars Ulrich: Drums
Robert Trujillo: Bass Guitar

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank you Michael Jackson!

So this AEG announcement for MJ's 2009 WorldWide Tour was made literally just days before his untimely death.. Not that death is usually thoughtful enough to come at a good time in life- but seriously right before a 50 city comeback tour that fans clearly long for in a time of global earth change and crippling economic crisis. Don't want to piss off The Reeper, but couldn't it have waited a few months or even years? This man was just getting his groove back after struggling through so much public scrutiny and personal adversity only to come through with that classic MJ smile and confidant artistic swagger. It's a shame the world didn't get one final tour from this music icon!

But where does that leave the mainstream pop music industry? I sense a shift in music consciousness coming once again. You can feel it- seriously! After the death of Kurt Cobain, alternative/grunge stalled like a Cessna in a hurricane soon to crash and burn. One person doesn't make the the collective movement in a music genre, but somehow triggers change upon their demise. Now that MJ's gone, where will the music Gods take us. It seems to be almost out of our hands- like it has a life of it's very own. Maybe "earth's music soul" will reveal it's newfound self in the next few months as the global economy rises from the ashes.

Hiphop's not dead but on decline, emoscreamo lacks substance, metal scene is killing it now but not sure if that's it. Now I'm not Nostradamus or anything, yet change is coming. If I was a gambling man, I'd lay bets on experimental fusion bands hitting the mainstream in the next year or so. Bands like TooL- whom you can't label one style of music. It's just genius in the making- when musicians from alternate backgrounds come together to fuse different styles into one coherent sonic experience. Watch out- it's coming.

And MJ was one musician who apprenticed moves from some of the greats like James Brown, crooning from Sinatra, rockin' from Elvis- and reinvented it into a superstyle all his own.. he is "Bad" and destined to "Rock With You" throughout the millenia with his timeless music.

Thank you Michael Jackson- the world loves you!

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